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Wellness Counselling
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Wellness Counselling

Anxiety, Depression, Conflict, separation and divorce, motivation, blended family challenges

Infertility and Reproductive Health Counselling

Fertility treatments are very stressful for patients.  Studies have shown that seeing a counsellor can help patients learn positive and healthy coping strategies. These strategies can help reduce your level of stress, increase your satisfaction with the overall fertility treatment and ultimately improve your treatment outcome.


  • Decisions regarding treatment options.
  • Dealing with a failed treatment cycle.
  • Coping with miscarriage and perinatal loss.
  • Negative marital and familial relations, anger, guilt, stress, anxiety, depression and sexual problems.
  • Stress reduction and coping techniques
  • Third party reproduction implications and evaluations including for the LGBTQ individuals / couples
  • Decision making regarding ending treatment
  • Adoption

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    Separation and divorce counselling can follow the decision by one or both partners to end a relationship.
    Margaret Russ is a Registered Social Worker with a Master’s Degree in Social Work and specializing in Reproductive Health.
    Couples counselling, also known as marriage guidance, differs from separation and divorce counselling.